The MCG Careers Private Career College is pleased to offer our licensed, Government approved Early Learning and Childcare programs - the ELCC Certificate Program (ELCC) and the ELCC Diploma Program (ELCD). Upon completion of the ELCC program, students are eligible for the Level 2 Early Childhood Educator Certification and upon completion of the ELCD program, students are eligible for the Level 3 Early Childhood Educator Certification.  

Each program consists of either in-class or instructor-led online completion of up to ten classroom courses and two 200 hour practicum placements over 50 weeks. The 400 practicum hours can be completed in your current place of employment (paid practicum) or on a volunteer basis in a licensed program or school setting. We will support you in determining which learning style (in class or online) is best for you and in securing practicum placements.